5 Ways Of Protecting Your Hearing

Did you know you can suffer from noise-induced hearing loss when you are exposed to noise above 85 dB? Due to this fact, it’s paramount that you protect yourself from the noise. The cool thing is that there are many ways in which you can protect yourself. Some of these ways include:

Be aware that you are exposed to loud sounds

Are you aware that you are in constant exposure to loud sounds? Does your neighbor play loud music all the time, how is your daily commute? Do you play loud music in your car? You need to take an inventory of the noises you are constantly exposed to. Once you are aware of the noises, now you can go ahead and start protecting yourself.

Minimize your exposure

Once you are aware of the noises, now you can work at minimizing your exposure. Can you move to a quieter place? Can you reduce the volume on the radio? You should ask yourself these questions. If you can make changes that minimize your exposure, go ahead and make them.

Wear noise protection devices

Other than staying away from the noise, there are many other ways of protecting yourself from the noise. One of these ways of wearing hearing protection. There are plenty of hearing protection devices you can go with. You can go for hearing protection headphones or any other pieces that you might want.

Are you being exposed to the noise for only a short time? You should wear earplugs. These are small pieces usually made from foam.

They are usually cheap thus you can get as many of them as possible. To wear them, you only need to place them in the ear canal and they will expand on their own, blocking the ear canal in the process. As a consequence, they block the noise from getting into the ear.

If you will be exposed to a lot of noise for a long time, you should invest in earmuffs. Earmuffs are made from high-quality plastic and come in different designs and colors for you to choose from. Unlike ear plugs, earmuffs last for a long time. The pieces are also comfortable when you wear the right ones.

Give your ears a break

When you are attending an event or you have been working in a noisy environment for a long time, you put your ears through a lot of stress. Exposing your ears to a lot of the stress puts them at the risk of developing problems including permanent hearing loss.

For you to protect your hearing, you should step away from the noise for some time regardless of whether you are wearing noise protection devices or not.

For example, if attending an event, step outside after every hour. This not only gives the ears time to relax, it also gives you more energy to continue with the dance. You should do the same thing if you have been working for hours in a noisy environment.

Stay away from cotton swabs

Have you ever been told that cotton swabs reduce the amount of noise getting into your ears? You were lied to. In addition to the swabs failing to give you the noise protection, they also put you at the risk of ear infection. You can also damage your ear in the event you accidentally jab the delicate parts of the ear.

The only way of protecting your ears from noise is by wearing earmuffs or earplugs. Avoid using cotton swabs at all costs.

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